Mainstreet Toward Depot

When you invest in vintage or heritage pieces for your home, you are not only buying wood or glass, you are purchasing a piece of history.

Every antique flourish has its own story, and at the RE Market, we are passionate about telling the stories that accompany our treasures.

The foundation of every good story is its setting–most of our pieces come from the area surrounding beautiful Jennings, Louisiana. Settled in 1881, Jennings is a unique crossroads of culture.  Firmly situated in southwest Louisiana, the area has a strong Cajun flavor.  However, Jennings itself was founded by Midwesterners from Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska working for the Southern Pacific Railroad.  The Cajuns were good neighbors to the northern settlers, and soon the town was flourishing in a place “where there was neither winter or mortgages,” to quote town father Sylvester L. Cary.  Jennings was officially incorporated in 1900, and in 1901 transformed into the “Cradle of Louisiana Oil” when it became the location of the first oil well and oil field in the state.  The influx of prosperity from the region’s natural resources continued to draw settlers to the area.

With such a unique history, it is no wonder that Jennings is home to so many incredible artifacts and gorgeous turn-of-the-century homes.  In fact,  some of the antique furniture or architectural pieces you’ll find in our shop comes from area estate sales and roadside finds.  After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita swept through Louisiana in 2005, many of the region’s homes were left damaged or uninhabitable.  However, instead of letting these architectural wonders fall into disrepair and face eventual destruction, the Louisiana Road Home Program has provided (to date) $8.85 billion to save damaged homes across the state.  Many items in our shop have a history and a story and we love being able to pass those on to the people who purchase them.



Just like the Cajuns and the Midwesterners who settled our historic town, you’ll find that we’ve never met a stranger!